Search by Category/Standards for End Point Assessment Organisations approved by the ESFA. The sole purpose of the directory of end-point assessment organisations is to provide employers with a choice of organisations who have shown the esfa that they are capable of delivering independent end-point assessment for a particular standard: 30 Days Trial Period before payment Taken. Find A End Point Assessment Organisation
Posted By GP Strategies Assessment Services on 03/05/2020 in Apprenticeships

GP Strategies Assessment Services

Achieving Excellence Together with GP Strategies Assessment Services End Point Assessment forms an integral part of an Apprenticeship Standard. 

It is the testing at the end of the Apprenticeship programme that is set, administered, marked and graded by an organisation that has not been involved in its delivery - either as training provider or employer. 

There are a number of considerations when selecting the right organisation to deliver End Point Assessment including:

 • All End Point Assessment Organisations must be registered on the Register of End Point Assessment Organisations (RoEPAO).

 • End Point Assessment Organisations must be listed against the Apprenticeship Standard you need assessing as they have to have experience in the sector - and be ready to assess the specific Standard you require. 

• Your End Point Assessment Organisation must be completely independent from the one delivering the Apprenticeship programme so there is no conflict of interest. With GP Strategies Assessment Services, you can be confident that apprentices completing their Apprenticeships can perform effectively in the occupation they have been trained for. For more information please contact 0330 1000 610 

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