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Highfield have been disorganised and misleading from the outset. They simply are not ready to deliver EPA, this has meant that we, as the ITP has done the majority of the planning and organising of the assessment. We have had many meetings and promises that should have resolved all of the issues but I have to say I have very little confidence going forward. This has left the learners and the employers questioning whether Standards are worth while.

Submitted by Deere Apprenticeships Ltd on Wednesday, Jun 12, 2019

Reply From Highfield Awarding Body for Compliance (HABC)

Many thanks for your comments. We certainly welcome all feedback and will always act upon it positively to ensure that we continuously improve and deliver the highest level of service. We always listen and respond to our valued customers. As discussed during our telephone call, there were a small number of customer service points raised which have been addressed and taken very seriously. However, we were both surprised and disappointed by the comments in the review and respectfully disagree with them, having worked very closely with the provider to agree an approach that satisfies all partners; particularly employers and learners. We're very proud we've already End-Point Assessed thousands of learners, and for the standard discussed have many employed staff ready to assess whenever the employer requires us to do so. We have agreed a way forward during our discussion, however, if there is more Highfield can do to support, please let us know and we will be more than happy to help.

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Outstanding EPAO

Highfield need to be commended on their outstanding service provided as an EPAO. Their support and commitment in providing exemplary materials, learner resources , information and face to face meetings have been second to none. The Apprentikits against each standard are bright, motivating and the inspirational quotes are brilliant. Learners, employers and staff find these to be innovative and thought provoking. Highfield listen to suggestions and are always there to support and communicate on all aspects of the processes involved with EPA and are able to support with any queries or concerns. The results feature Highfield have provided helps us to closely monitor completions, grades and allows us to analyse pass rates against each EPA undertaken. Its a great feature to use and shows the lengths HIghfield will go to ensure the results system is transparent. Keep up the hard work, its a pleasure to work with you.

Submitted by Phil Lythgoe (nova Training) on Tuesday, Apr 30, 2019

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