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Posted By The Education and Care Qualifications Network on 30/05/2020 in Training

What You Should Know About The End Point Assessment For Lead Adult Care Workers


When it comes to assessment for lead adult care workers, there are several things you'll want to know. This includes what's exactly assessed and who delivers the assessment. You'll also want to know how it works and what the end point assessment consists of. 

Who Delivers The Assessment For Lead Adult Care Workers
The end point assessment for lead adult workers are carried out by an independent organisation that specialises in delivering end point assessments for the Health and Social Care & Digital Standards. See Here:

The way it works is the organisation sends out a team member to meet with the employer/training provider. Next, the organisation provides support tools that the employer and the worker can use. In turn, the adult care worker will have a good chance of passing the end point assessment. 

Generally speaking, the meeting is conducted around 3-4 months prior to the assessment. This meeting is known as the Gateway Meeting, and then the training provider collates an employer reference for the adult care worker. 

As for what the assessment for lead adult care worker consists of, there are several. First, a situational judgement test is conducted, and this consists of 60 questions that are multiple choice and that are based on real scenarios. Also, a professional discussion is part of the assessment, and this discussion typically lasts no longer than 45 minutes. Before the professional discussion can take place, the apprentice has to pass the situational judgmental test.

What's Assessed
Lead adult care workers must be able demonstrate that they know what their main responsibilities are and what their main tasks are. They have to show that they know the importance of having the right behaviour in their line of work, as well as why it's important to have the right values. Furthermore, workers need to demonstrate that they know how to provide support to those who remain safe. 

Generally speaking, the apprentice's skills are assessed. The assessment is designed to ensure that the worker is capable of carrying out all of the duties that a lead care adult worker has to carry out. 

Grading, The Process & Price
As for how grading works, it works by documents/evidence being uploaded to an online portal. The employer eventually receives a certification, which is then handed over to the apprentice. A certificate is handed out if the apprenticeship has passed the assessment. Generally speaking, the entire process between grading and receiving the certificate takes around 25-30 days to complete. 

It's possible to appeal the grade. Also, a re-sit/re-take of the assessment might be possible. In regards to price, the organisation providing training materials and support will decide this based on various factors.

If you have a worker that needs to take an assessment for a lead adult care worker, then choose an organisation that has the proper credentials and qualifications to provide the assessment. It's important to choose a good organisation. The right organisation offers end point assessment materials that are user friendly, as well as prove feedback to everyone involved.

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