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Posted By The Education and Care Qualifications Network on 26/08/2020 in Apprenticeship Sector News Stories

Choosing Your EPA Provider For Network Engineer

Choosing Your EPA Provider For Network Engineer

If you want to work as a network engineer, you’ll need to take your End Point Assessment. Ideally, you should find a trustworthy EPA provider, able to offer you reliable learning support tools and timely guidance, in order for you to have the best chances to pass your End Point Assessment with flying colours. Let’s see what you should take into consideration when choosing your EPA provider for Network Engineer.

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EPA Provider For Network Engineer

A high-quality trainer would provide you with an exhaustive apprentice workbook, in order for you to gain a good understanding of your roles and responsibility. Ideally, you should have access to this handbook before you en-roll in the programme. Also, the educator must be able to provide you with learning guidance and support throughout the entire duration of the course. It is worth mentioning here that the typical duration of such a programme is 24 months. This is the ideal time frame you need to pick up the skills, the behaviours and the specific knowledge set in each standard.

Once you’ve completed your apprenticeship, you’ll need to go through a process which is known as a gateway process. Your employer needs to sign-off, this being a proof that they consider you are ready to take the assessment to become a fully fledged network engineer. You’ll need to find an organisation that delivers End Point Assessments. Before you start searching for options, remember that the first thing to check is that the names on your shortlist have the credentials and the qualifications to administer such assessments.

ECQN is one of the EPA providers worth taking a closer look at. ECQN meets all legal requirements to deliver such assessments. In addition, there are several good reasons why this might be one of your best choices.

One of the reasons to choose them as your EPA provider for Network Engineer is that their study materials are user-friendly and focused on delivering high-quality training, in order for apprentices to acquire the needed skills in an effective manner. See

Furthermore, the timely feedback is one more reason to choose ECQN. Everyone knows how annoying can be to wait for a long time to get feedback on your work. Since the ECQN provides fast feedback and carries out the assessment in a timely manner, training providers, students and employers won’t need to put up with the frustrations of long waiting times.

The fact that they do their best to provide timely feedback doesn’t make ECQN less qualified to provide such services. In fact, the organisation is extremely committed to providing a high quality service. They pay special attention to their quality assurance procedures, in order to ensure their students benefit from the highest quality training and support possible.

Should you require more details about the End Point Assessment for Network Engineer, you can contact the ECQN. One of their professionals will answer any questions you may have. You may also want to search the web for client reviews and testimonials or reach out to some of their alumni to ask them for a honest opinion.

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