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Posted By The Education and Care Qualifications Network on 28/08/2019 in Apprenticeship Sector News Stories



End-point assessment (EPA) is the way people who are undergoing any training are assessed to determine their learning and competence at work after their training period is completed. It is a term that has gained a lot of prominence in the field of training and development.

In earlier days, trainees or apprentices in any practical field were continuously assessed throughout the period when they were learning. In EPA on the other hand, certain standards are laid down by the educators or employers in that field, and the work and competence of the persons undergoing the training are assessed after they have gone through the training and they are familiar with practical requirements of work on the job. 

End Point Assessment care worker is the same evaluation carried out for people involved in caring for sick, infirm and elderly who need care for them to lead normal lives. For this, the care worker must finish their training programme and all the work associated with care programmes. End-point assessments are more reliable if they are carried out by independent organisations that have the proper accreditation to carry out such audits of the trained staff. 

Care workers play a key element in the providing of care and support for the people entrusted to their care. They may work in a daycare residential facility for the infirm and elderly, provide care for those suffering from dementia or those who are disabled. or even provide such care in the homes of individual patients. An EPA is an assessment that can confirm that the care worker has the knowledge, skills, and behaviour that is necessary for care workers to fill the particular roles they are expected to play during their working with the care of patients entrusted to their care. It can take place only after the person has completed the needed training and is prepared for the EPA. These assessments are carried out through examinations, interviews and observations made during the work when the trainee care worker is carrying out any professional assignments.  

To undergo an EPA, the trainee care worker must be aware of the standards for knowledge and skills that they will be judged against. The person must also be told about the methods that will be used for the assessment. They must be aware of the persons carrying out the assessment and who will judge their competency and grading. During this End Point Assessment care worker that trainees are expected to undergo on completion or towards the end of their training, they will be given tests that may include a multiple-choice test which needs to have high performance for a passing grade in the assessment. The person carrying out the assessment will then also observe the care worker while he or she is carrying out any professional assignment and their behaviour, competence and skills while doing so. Every care worker has to maintain worksheets or journals during their training, and this evidence portfolio will be scrutinised and an interview conducted based on the cases listed.

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