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Posted By Training Qualifications UK on 11/08/2019 in Apprenticeship Sector News Stories

‘The apprenticeship route was the natural choice for me’ – EPA distinction Apprentice Chloe Jackson talks Hair apprenticeship with TQUK.

‘The apprenticeship route was the natural choice for me’ – EPA distinction Apprentice Chloe Jackson talks Hair apprenticeship with TQUK.

In July, Training Qualifications UK was happy to learn that the Link Academy had earned not one, but two more End-Point Assessment distinctions on the Hair Apprenticeship Standard. One of those apprentices was hair-stylist-to-be Chloe Jackson.

From learning the trade and getting an insight into the world of hairdressing during a Saturday job, Chloe has set her sights on building her own successful column with her own guests after achieving a fantastic distinction result in her apprenticeship with the Link Academy.

But it was an age-old question and a debate that goes on every year that started it all, Further Education or Higher Education?

‘I didn’t enjoy the academic aspect of Higher Education within a school environment; therefore the Apprenticeship and Further Education route was the natural choice for me. So I embarked on a Saturday job at a local salon to get the ball rolling, this meant that I got an insight into hairdressing early on.’

‘I was definitely more interested in vocational education and the benefits of being able to receive a salary whilst training. The bonus of earning and learning at the same time was too good of an opportunity in my eyes – best of both worlds.’

The Hair Apprenticeship Standard is split depending on the chosen pathway, hairdressing or barbering, and comprises of two assessment components, a Practical Assessment and an Oral Questioning. Both assessments are designed to test an apprentice’s skill and knowledge in relation to cutting hair, styling and finishing, colouring and lightening all within a variety of techniques.

Both Hairdressers and Barbers must have an intimate knowledge of hair types – from wispy and straight to thick and very curly – and be able to instantly work with a diverse set of hairstyles on demand.

Whilst Chloe acknowledged that the End-Point Assessment process did bring on some stress, a dislike for anything related to an examination process playing a major part, she couldn’t have been happier with the outcome.

‘With the assessment phase, I was nervous because I didn’t know how it was going to run and just the word ‘exam’ trips something in my mind, making me feel instantly nervous as there’s a lot riding on it. After the assessment, I was 100% satisfied that the TQUK assessor did everything she could to help me, she was fab!’

‘I intend to complete my Level 3 qualification and build on this into the future. I hope to be able to build a successful column with my own guest’s, whilst continuing to build on my existing skills along the way. I look forward to progressing with my salon and becoming a fantastic hairstylist.’

Training Qualifications UK End-Point Assessment Director Kelle McQuade said: “Chloe’s distinction on the Hair Apprenticeship Standard with the Link Academy is a fantastic achievement, and is further proof that the Further Education route works really well for individuals who have established that the classroom setting and idea of Higher Education just isn’t for them – and that’s perfectly fine.’

‘The beauty of the Further Education system is that you can go out into the world, learn, earn and establish a career via a completely different method than the classroom system. That’s exactly what Chloe has done here, she’s a shining example of what can be achieved through the new Apprenticeship Standards.’

‘We wish her well in establishing her own column moving forwards and seeking the hairdressing career she is chasing.’

Interested in finding out more about the new Apprenticeship Standards and how End-Point Assessment works, our handy guide will help.

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